halloween weekend africa style....

just in case anyone was wondering, they don't celebrate halloween in africa. but don't worry, that didn't stop us from creating some of the best costumes EVER and bringing halloween to africa. our local friends already think we're crazy and this pretty much confirmed it.....though i'm happy to report there were at least a few that we've brought over to the dark side. i wouldn't call it dark exactly, more like the incredibly wonderful world of costume parties. i'm telling you, once you've been there, you'll never turn back. see below for the spectrum of costumes created between leigh and i and our neighbors.....definitely missed my call as a costume designer :)

pirate, prostitute, cheese, mouse, and bumble bee....quite the crew!

life has been good post-boards.....definitely more time for things such as making halloween costumes :) experienced a bit more of gaborone, and hopefully will see more of africa soon. for some reason it's still managed to be crazy busy even without board studying! i'll post more soon, just wanted to give a quick shout out since i haven't posted anything since being back, and let's face it, needed to brag about the halloween costumes :)